What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is concerned with the oral health of children starting from infancy to 10 years. The experts check children’s mouth, teeth, and mouth at different stages as children grow. It should be remembered that children start developing their first set of teeth at the age of 6 months. They start losing these teeth at the age of 6 -7 years as they get replaced by secondary teeth. As a result, there is need to give children proper dental care because children eat a lot of sugary foods that lead to tooth decay and which cause a lot of complications and pain.

To eliminate problems in the children’s life, it is necessary that you find a pediatric dentistry expert to check and treat any emerging teeth problem before it affects your children. The experts will provide a comprehensive assessment aimed at helping prevent dental problems. They clean the teeth and recommend appropriate diet for the children. They straighten the teeth, and correct any improper bite to give the children a smile.

pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentists offers their services in medical centers, dental schools and offices. Remember children are yet to become adults and therefore they need to be examined by experts’ regularly so that any emerging problem can be corrected before it actually affects them. The dentists use specially designed equipment decorated with children in mind. They offer a wide range of options since they are trained to examine and produce the most possible care in children.

Pediatric dentists provide the following services

  • Risk assessment in infants and oral health examination
  • Prevent dental problems by cleaning and offering fluoride treatment and recommend appropriate foods to be eaten by children.
  • Repair defects and tooth cavities in children.
  • Carry out assessment in children meant to help straighten the teeth

Children are playful and will always end up with a hurt or injured tooth. In some cases, they may get infected. When this happens, you really don’t have to make your child miss school just because of the pain associated with tooth injury. You need to visit the nearest pediatric dentistry expert so that he can receive some help right away.

Sometime children could be nervous especially when they are told that they will be visiting a dentist. As a parent, you need to encourage them and allow them to appreciate that they can be treated and be able to smile just as it is in other children.


Pediatric Dentistry