Tooth Extraction

Don’t look after your teeth or have an accident and you may need to get a tooth extracted. This isn’t fun, but it can be a necessity. While uncomfortable, extractions aren’t the horror movie scenario many people imagine.

Some reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  • Wisdom teeth – These develop between the ages of 12 and 25. Sometimes they cause swelling of infections in the gum. Other times they impact other teeth, pushing the crooked. Wisdom teeth can cause pain and other dental issues.
  • An accident – If you get hit in the mouth, you may end up with a damaged tooth that requires an extraction.
  • Tooth decay – If your tooth has decayed so much that a filling won’t fix anything, an extraction is the only choice.
  • Too many teeth/Not enough room for teeth – You may get a tooth extracted before getting braces. You may have grown an extra tooth at some point. Either way, say goodbye to a tooth!

The Process

The removal process of a tooth will depend on what the issue is. If it’s an emergency, you may not go under. Hopefully, you’ll be able to plan with your dentist the details of the procedure. With wisdom teeth, getting all four out means going under for surgery.

The surgical extraction mentioned above can be done if the tooth is hidden by the gums or has broken. Your gum is cut away so the dentist can get to the affected area.

If it’s not so bad, a simple extraction suffices. The dentist will give you a local anaesthetic to numb the area. Following that, you’ll have forceps or other tools put in your mouth to pull the tooth you. It’s possible the dentist might need to break the tooth in half to get it out.

If there’s any bleeding or abnormal pain in the following days, go back to your dentist. This could be a sign of a further problem.

Dislike Missing a Tooth?

It doesn’t feel good to have a smile that is missing a tooth or two. Speak to your dentist if this is a worry for you. You could get a false tooth put in place of the tooth, or a denture with a single tooth to use.

Dental cosmetic surgery can fix your smile so you feel happy and comfortable with your teeth. As with any dental procedure, make sure to follow the aftercare instructions your dentist gives you.