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Tooth Extraction

Don’t look after your teeth or have an accident and you may need to get a tooth extracted. This isn’t fun, but it can be a necessity. While uncomfortable, extractions aren’t the horror movie scenario many people imagine. Some reasons for a tooth extraction include: Wisdom teeth – These develop between the ages of 12 […]

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Family Dentist?

A dentist is a profession that provides oral healthcare, treatment and prevention against possible and oral-related diseases. It requires patience, hard work, devotion and passion in order to build up a good reputation. Before you can reach the peak of your career path a family dentist, you will need to complete undergraduate degree, doctorate degree, […]

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is concerned with the oral health of children starting from infancy to 10 years. The experts check children’s mouth, teeth, and mouth at different stages as children grow. It should be remembered that children start developing their first set of teeth at the age of 6 months. They start losing these teeth at […]

About General Dentistry Services

A General Dentist Discusses His Services A UKMC, the journey to practicing medicine successfully can be a long one. We decided to interview a dentist that, after that long road was over, the wait was well worth it. R. Anthony Matheny of click here contributed quite a bit of his time to outfits similar to […]

How Pain is Minimized While at the Dentist

  Most people would admit that one of the reasons for their fear of their dentist – read more – is the pain that they (or to be more specific and fair to their profession, the procedure) could cause them. While pain is something that is to be expected in most dental procedures, one […]