Tooth Extraction

Don’t look after your teeth or have an accident and you may need to get a tooth extracted. This isn’t fun, but it can be a necessity. While uncomfortable, extractions aren’t the horror movie scenario many people imagine.

Some reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  • Wisdom teeth – These develop between the ages of 12 and 25. Sometimes they cause swelling of infections in the gum. Other times they impact other teeth, pushing the crooked. Wisdom teeth can cause pain and other dental issues.
  • An accident – If you get hit in the mouth, you may end up with a damaged tooth that requires an extraction.
  • Tooth decay – If your tooth has decayed so much that a filling won’t fix anything, an extraction is the only choice.
  • Too many teeth/Not enough room for teeth – You may get a tooth extracted before getting braces. You may have grown an extra tooth at some point. Either way, say goodbye to a tooth!

The Process

The removal process of a tooth will depend on what the issue is. If it’s an emergency, you may not go under. Hopefully, you’ll be able to plan with your dentist the details of the procedure. With wisdom teeth, getting all four out means going under for surgery.

The surgical extraction mentioned above can be done if the tooth is hidden by the gums or has broken. Your gum is cut away so the dentist can get to the affected area.

If it’s not so bad, a simple extraction suffices. The dentist will give you a local anaesthetic to numb the area. Following that, you’ll have forceps or other tools put in your mouth to pull the tooth you. It’s possible the dentist might need to break the tooth in half to get it out.

If there’s any bleeding or abnormal pain in the following days, go back to your dentist. This could be a sign of a further problem.

Dislike Missing a Tooth?

It doesn’t feel good to have a smile that is missing a tooth or two. Speak to your dentist if this is a worry for you. You could get a false tooth put in place of the tooth, or a denture with a single tooth to use.

Dental cosmetic surgery can fix your smile so you feel happy and comfortable with your teeth. As with any dental procedure, make sure to follow the aftercare instructions your dentist gives you.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Family Dentist?

Family Dentist Benefits

A dentist is a profession that provides oral healthcare, treatment and prevention against possible and oral-related diseases. It requires patience, hard work, devotion and passion in order to build up a good reputation. Before you can reach the peak of your career path a family dentist, you will need to complete undergraduate degree, doctorate degree, pass the licensure exam and underwent internship. Once you have put up your own name as a dental practitioner, there are also several benefits you can enjoy.

Huge salary

The main reason why people work is to earn a living and to have a comfortable way of life. Being a family dentist will give you huge income. According to statistics, dentistry is among the highest paid salaries in the world. This profession is also included in the endangered species due to its low population and the need of their services is rapidly increasing. The high pay encourages more individual to choose and practice dentistry in order to cover the shortage of dentists.

Variety of choices

As a dentist, you don’t have to practice one specialization; in fact, there is a wide array of specialization you can always choose. The more you have specialty, you will also have higher opportunity to earn more money. You can choose to work as a teacher or a researcher that is all related to dentistry. You can either work in armed forces, public offices or healthcare agencies.

Opportunity to serve

Working as a dentist has also the greatest opportunity to serve and save people’s lives. There are some cases wherein the dentist can determine serious illnesses like oral cancer and provide potential treatment and prevention of it. This profession also gives satisfaction to people who are suffering teeth and gums pain especially the children.

Lifestyle benefits

There are also lifestyle benefits you can enjoy from. You will have the capability to balance your work and personal life. You can choose the time and day you want to work depending on the convenience of your patients. You can still practice dentistry even after retirement as part-time schedule only.

A favorable future

Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need of a dentist is increasing in the next coming years. There is already an increase of 12 percent in 2012 when compared to other profession. Therefore, a lot of open jobs will be available in various locations due to the aging population of dental practitioners.

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is concerned with the oral health of children starting from infancy to 10 years. The experts check children’s mouth, teeth, and mouth at different stages as children grow. It should be remembered that children start developing their first set of teeth at the age of 6 months. They start losing these teeth at the age of 6 -7 years as they get replaced by secondary teeth. As a result, there is need to give children proper dental care because children eat a lot of sugary foods that lead to tooth decay and which cause a lot of complications and pain.

To eliminate problems in the children’s life, it is necessary that you find a pediatric dentistry expert to check and treat any emerging teeth problem before it affects your children. The experts will provide a comprehensive assessment aimed at helping prevent dental problems. They clean the teeth and recommend appropriate diet for the children. They straighten the teeth, and correct any improper bite to give the children a smile.

pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentists offers their services in medical centers, dental schools and offices. Remember children are yet to become adults and therefore they need to be examined by experts’ regularly so that any emerging problem can be corrected before it actually affects them. The dentists use specially designed equipment decorated with children in mind. They offer a wide range of options since they are trained to examine and produce the most possible care in children.

Pediatric dentists provide the following services

  • Risk assessment in infants and oral health examination
  • Prevent dental problems by cleaning and offering fluoride treatment and recommend appropriate foods to be eaten by children.
  • Repair defects and tooth cavities in children.
  • Carry out assessment in children meant to help straighten the teeth

Children are playful and will always end up with a hurt or injured tooth. In some cases, they may get infected. When this happens, you really don’t have to make your child miss school just because of the pain associated with tooth injury. You need to visit the nearest pediatric dentistry expert so that he can receive some help right away.

Sometime children could be nervous especially when they are told that they will be visiting a dentist. As a parent, you need to encourage them and allow them to appreciate that they can be treated and be able to smile just as it is in other children.


Pediatric Dentistry

About General Dentistry Services

A General Dentist Discusses His Services

A UKMC, the journey to practicing medicine successfully can be a long one. We decided to interview a dentist that, after that long road was over, the wait was well worth it. R. Anthony Matheny of click here contributed quite a bit of his time to outfits similar to Sojourner Clinic. His practice often discusses the cosmetic dentistry services that he provides, so he’s going to take some time to discuss general dentistry services offered in such clinics in his area of practice at his Port St Lucie, Florida dental office.


general dentist St Lucie Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Exam

We suggest a professional dental exam at least once every six months. While most important for prevention, we can also stop existing problems from getting worse and also prevent development of dental problems in future. Here, your teeth are examined for signs of tartar, plaque, and tooth decay, as well as for gum disease symptoms like puffiness or discoloration of gums. The Dental Exam also includes a regular teeth cleaning.

White fillings

Silver tooth fillings have been replaced by white fillings. White fillings match the natural color of your teeth and are made of composite resin and are considered an excellent option for mid-sized cavities.

Night Guards

One of the best solutions to teeth grinding at night that cause headaches, jaw soreness or fractured teeth is to be fitted with a mouth guard for the protection of teeth while sleeping.

Digital Dental X-ray

Today dental x-rays are faster, safer and more comfortable to use. Digital x-rays are the latest and more advanced dental technologies that provide a bigger, clearer and high-quality image of your teeth that can be easily viewed and diagnosed. It reduces the radiation up to 90% and provides exceptional diagnostic information so that problems can be easily diagnosed at earlier stages.

CEREC Crowns

Cerec is an emerging and innovative technology that enables patient to receive crowns in just one visit. It avoids having to get temporary dental crowns, messy impressions, and to have multiple dental visits. CEREC crowns look like real teeth and are convenient, comfortable and look beautiful.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are considered to be durable, conservative and less expensive for bridging the gap between a missing tooth and surrounding teeth.
There are three fundamental types of dental bridges:
• Traditional bridges; have dental crowns or dental implants and a replacement tooth.
• Maryland bridges; is made up of a resin that is cemented to the enamel of surrounding teeth
• Cantilever dental bridges; are used in filling the gaps between the surrounding teeth and only on one side of the missing tooth.

These are just some general dentistry services we’ve provided locally for free that we thought we’d share with you. Good luck to all those involved at Sojourner Clinic!

How Pain is Minimized While at the Dentist


Most people would admit that one of the reasons for their fear of their dentist – read more – is the pain that they (or to be more specific and fair to their profession, the procedure) could cause them.
While pain is something that is to be expected in most dental procedures, one should not worry so much because there are numerous ways on how dentists can decrease this. Below are just a few of the safest and most effective ones:

1Local Anesthesia

This is the most common way to lessen one’s pain sensation especially during tooth extraction or drilling procedures. Lidocaine is the favorite anesthetic these days although any drug ending in ‘-caine’ is categorized under this type of medication. Local anesthesia is administered using a needle and syringe.

Nitrous Oxide

One might think that using ‘laughing gas’ for dental procedures is stuff for legend or jokes but it has been used since the mid-1800s. While it does not alleviate pain, it could help one relax so some dentists still make use of this gas on their patients.

General Anesthesia

This is used for more complicated dental procedures like surgeries. Because it causes people to be unconscious, a tube will be inserted into your mouth to your trachea to allow you to breathe as the procedure is ongoing.

G.A. is a more complex anesthetic procedure; hence, this must be done by licensed professionals only.

Conscious Sedation

There are a few people who really cannot take the prick of the needle on their gums, the sight of the sharp silver instruments or the burr of the drills. This is why sedatives are used on the patients, helping them alleviate their anxieties and relax during the procedure.
Take note that not all dentists are allowed to put their patients under sedation. Additional certification is required for this.